Cardic Profile Rs 8650 Rs 6055

Why Should?

Many of us are not aware about having risk factors of acquiring heart disease. Most often there are no early symptoms (indications) of heart disease. Hence it is important to consult cardiologist to assess our cardiac health. Cardiac profile check ups help you diagnose heart disease at the earlier stage itself to lead a healthy life.

Who Should?

Risk of heart diseases increases with age, people above 40 years of age should undergo cardiac profile. People with family history of heart disease. Hypertensive patients, Diabetic patients, patients having high cholesterol level,obesity, chain smokers, people leading sedentary lifestyle are at high risk of heart disease they should take cardiac screening yearly once.

What It Involved?

Complete Hemogram



Lipid Profile


Blood Urea

Serum Creatinine

Serum Electrolytes


Urine Routine

Ultrasound Addomen & Pelvis

X-Ray Chest Pa View


Dental Screening (Free)

Consultation with Cardiologist