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Why Should?

Collagen is a part connective tissue, found in skin , bone, tendons and cartilage. breakdown or depletion of collagen results in numerous diseases termed collagen disease. Collagen disease may be either inherited (eg.osteogenesis imperfecta,ehler danlos syndrome)or autoimmune disease(eg. sytemic lupus erythametosis, rheumatoid arthritis).Auto immune disease cannot be cured but diagnosing early is very critical , as the progression of disease is slow initially, to control or limit the progression.

Who Should?

Everyone above 40 year of age should go for periodic evaluation 2 year once and those with family history of collagen disease.

What It Involved?

C-Reactive Protein

Uric Acid


CBC with ESR

RA Factor

Protein Electrophoresis

Anti Nuclear Anti Body